Six months ago today, thousands of country music fans were flocking to Wildwood to see one of the coolest free concerts ever: Kenny Chesney.

It's hard to believe that it's been six months already. All of us here at Cat Country remember the three weeks leading up to that show very well as we criss-crossed South Jersey -- literally -- giving out 5,000 free tickets to see Kenny Chesney perform a concert on the beach in Wildwood that would be streamed live to people all over the planet.

That day in Wildwood was hot. Like, really hot. That afternoon, temperatures right on the beach were well into the 90s. However, by show time, the sun went down, the temperatures went down, and it was an absolutely perfect evening and night with Kenny Chesney.

Following the show, just about everyone was amazed that with 20,000+ people in Wildwood for a free show, parking was extremely easy, the crowd was exceptionally well behaved, and there were no major problems reported by the City of Wildwood.

Of course, since that show, the past six months have included some huge events, including Hurricane Sandy which put the entire beach where Kenny Chesney performed, underwater.

Take a moment and watch a clip from that concert...