Yes, It is the Breed.
Every time there is an attack by a pit bull, people jump to either sides of the argument whether it's nature or nurture. I say it's the breed.
How Pets Can Improve Your Health
The benefits of owning a pet are rewarding because they are loyal and they add a sense of companionship to our lives. Simply by interacting with our pets can help with lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and even releasing the endorphins that cause us to relax and feel good.
Dog Rooms. Yes or No? [Poll]
People are using unused space in their homes to create bedrooms for their dogs complete with wallpaper, beds with sheets, lighting and decor. Is it cute or going to far? Take our poll.
8 Dog Friendly Places in South Jersey
As pet owners, we all want to bring our beloved pets with us anywhere we go. Unfortunately, not every place is pet friendly and we have to leave poor Fido at home. But luckily, there are a few restaurants, beaches and parks that allow our four-legged friends to join us here in South Jersey!

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