Zac Brown Band

Top 10 Censored Country Songs
We've found a few country stars who've dared to swear ... and then had to go back into the studio to make a family-friendly version of the same song for country radio airplay.
Top 10 Country Music Video Cameos
Jason Aldean once called Nashville "Hollywood with a touch of twang," and rocker Shawn Mullins deemed Los Angeles "kind of like Nashville with a tan," so it's only natural that the stars from each city would intermingle -- personally and professionally.
Top 10 Happy Country Songs
Country music sometimes has a reputation for being all about heartache and cheatin', but the genre also has a lot to say about the good things in life!
Meet One Of the World’s Great Fiddle Players [VIDEO]
If you went to one of the Zac Brown concerts at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden this past week, you saw him and his band open the show.
If you ever listened to a country song from the 1980s or 1990s you probably heard his fiddle playing in the song.

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