And I'm super excited!

For the most part, I try to eat well and watch my fast food intake.  However, there are a few times when I will make it a point to eat at McDonald's.


Reason #1 - McDonald's Monopoly

There's just something about winning free medium fries that keeps me coming back!






Reason #2 - The Shamrock Shake

Obviously, this is not the Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, however, it's the only picture I could find...  The real Shamrock Shake comes out during St. Patrick's Day and is available for a limited time and it's delicious.





Reason #3 - The McRib

The McRib isn't an annual thing like Monopoly or the Shamrock Shake.  Oh no, McDonald's only brings this baby back every once in a while.  And it's back baby!


Don't knock it until you try it!