Who does this bike belong to and why is it parked where it is?

Those are a couple questions that I'd really like to find the answers to.

Since mid-November, I've been regularly walking the bridge from Somers Point to Ocean City and back. The distance from where I park my car to the point I usually walk and back is just over five miles. I walk almost every day, often with my friend, Larry.

I've walked early morning, later night and all hours in between. On a couple occassions, I even walked the bridge twice.

Since the bridge  - officially known as the Route 52 Causeway - was rebuilt, it's been a very popular route for walkers, runners, and bike riders.

I'm not quite sure at what point I started noticing this bike chained on the bridge, but I know  I've been paying attention to it since at least late November.

At first, I thought the owner might work at the nearby Ocean City Welcome Center, and chained it at the same place each day.  As I noticed the bike more and more, I realized that was not the case. It wasn't moving. It was chained to the guardrail and hasn't moved.

It's been there in the sunshine, in the moonlight, in the rain, and in the snow.

I admit, this bike has me thinking. How long has it been there? Who's bike is it? Are they ever coming back for it?

The bike has a number 7 sticker on it. This leads me to believe that it could be a rental bike. Is a rental place missing it's number 7? Maybe someone stole it, had some remorse, and left it there.

Maybe the bike belongs to someone who regularly walks on the bridge and leaves it there in case they just don't feel like walking anymore.

Sadly, there's also the thought that someone left it there, and hasn't been able to pick it back up. Maybe there were injured, or, gulp, died.

Maybe you can help. Share this story with people you think may know the answer. Please leave answers, or theories, below, or email me: joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com.

I have to know the story of the bike!

(By the way, I sincerely hope no one steals the bike, or vandalizes it, after reading this.)