If you learned anything in school, you should definitely know something about the seven wonders of the world. Over the years people have been inspired to create the most iconic structures we've ever seen.

From the unique construction of places like the Pyramid of Giza or Christ The Redeemer, there's beauty and wonder in just about every corner of the world. Have you ever thought about what the seven wonders would be right here in South Jersey?

As Jersey Shore residents we probably have our list of favorite beaches to hit once the weather gets warm, and we’re used to walking the boardwalk while marveling at all the attractions and stopping to get some funnel cake along the way.

However, we never stop to think about how historical and evergreen the Jersey coast really is. Let's look at Wildwood, New Jersey for example.

We get so distracted by the beach, rides and boardwalk food that it’s hard to appreciate the rare beauties of the Wildwoods. So with a little help from DooWopUSA.com, here are the Seven Wonders of the Wildwood shore.

  • 1

    The Boardwalk

    You shouldn’t be surprise that this is number one on the list. This boardwalk has been around for years and years and will always be one of the best and most historical things on at the Wildwoods.

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  • 2

    The Great Nor’ easter

    This famous coaster is definitely a sight for sore eyes. However the most interesting thing about it is the engineering behind it. To start off, it is a twisting coaster made of steel and stands at about 115 feet in the air. Once you’re strapped in, it will take you on a wild ride at a speed of 55 mph. If you’re a fan of steep drops, the Nor’ easter’s got one about 95 feet tall! Talk about a coaster!

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  • 3

    Giant Wheel

    Once you ride over the bridge, into Wildwood you instantly catch a view the beautiful shore skyline. One of the biggest attractions that stands out is the giant ferris wheel on the pier at Mariner’s Landing. It still remains one of the largest ferris wheels in the entire country. Plus its LED lighting provides some spectacular visuals at night!

    Photo Credit: Google Maps
  • 4

    Hereford Lighthouse

    This unique structure was built in 1873 and is often overlooked by our Wildwood commoners. It may not look like your “average” lighthouse, but it is actually one of the most iconic and historic ones on the Jersey coast.

    Photo Credit: Google Maps
  • 5

    Pink Cadillac Diner

    Take a time machine back to the Doo-wop days and visit The Pink Cadillac Diner! There a sort of a 50's/Grease Lightening theme that is embodied within the diner and the food is great as well. I think a lot of residents will agree that the diner's "Jersey" burger topped with mozzarella sticks, onion rings, bacon, lettuce, tomato, & mayo is a definite Wildwood wonder as well!

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  • 6

    Wildwood Wawa

    As New Jerseyans we can't live without a Wawa on every corner. However, once we're riding down 418 W Rio Grand Ave, we can't help but marvel at one of the most retro Wawas in the whole country! You guys know that this is like the "Beyonce of Wawas" and we just have to stop by for a hoagie every single time.

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  • 7

    Caribbean Hotel

    Well, this sure isn't your average shore motel! The Caribbean Motel has been around for more than a decade now, in fact, 2017 marks its 60th Anniversary! You may just be visiting the Jersey Shore, but the motel's exotic, tropical landscape is the next best thing to Caribbean vacay!

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