Oh, yeah, we all think it. We just can't muster the nerve to post it. Those Facebook comments that pop in your head that you just can't type out.

Here they are - all in one place. The Facebook comments you wished you could make.

1. WHO CARES? (Kind of self explanatory, right?

2. What? (I can't understand what you're trying to say because of your rotten English and misspelled words)

3. You know, people can see what you just posted. (Your parents, your kids, your pastor......)

4. I don't care how many miles you just ran! (I've been busy running after my kids, my dog, my sanity all day)

5. Why are you wishing your three-year-old a Happy Birthday on Facebook? (Does she have a Facebook account? Can she even read yet? What's your point here?)

6. Stop the Drama! (We all thought you were half-psycho before. Now we know we were half right....)

7. Stop Making that Face and Posing like That. (You're too old. You look silly)

8. Did it ever occur to you that you have a drinking problem?

9. Stop warning me about the money left under my windshield-wiper blades. I'll take my chances, grab the money, and run!

10. I don't think God will let me burn in Hell just because I failed to re-post your post.

Got more? Leave `em below.