The Band Perry rocked Caesar's in Atlantic City Saturday night - and, also enforced a no-kissing rule backstage.

I was in the line to go backstage to meet the band before the show, when we were read a list of rules for the meet and greet. One of the rules: please do not ask to kiss members of the band.

Uh oh. Usually rules like this don't pop up until something has already happened.

When we got to meet with the band, I found out why the no-kissing-the-band rule is now in place.

Kimberly Perry says a while back a young male fan was in the meet and greet line, when he asked her for a kiss on the cheek. Kimberly says she obliged, but just as she was about to kiss his cheek, "He quickly turned his head, kissing my lips, and then tried to stick his tongue in my mouth."

Ah, the no-kissing rule. Probably put into service a day too late....