Obviously, New Jersey has some beautiful beach towns!  However, one website specifically called out two Jersey Shore towns for being the best in the country!

Thrillist called out Cape May and Asbury Park as part of their top 25 beach cities in the country!

Here's what the website had to say about our great beach towns!

Cape May, New Jersey

Why it’s great: It’s a national historic landmark, a distinction no other town on this list can claim, filled with more than 600 colorful Victorian-era houses. Cape May strikes the balance of grandeur and inclusiveness; on a given weekend you're as likely to run across a whole family as a group of young professionals. The beaches are quiet and serene, and not as crowded as other spots along the shore. Hit Sunset Beach for its famous nightly flag-lowering ceremony, or Cape May Point to tour its historic lighthouse.
Must eat/drink: A dog from Hot Dog Tommy’s. A hot dog is, typically, a hot dog, even if it is topped with mashed potatoes and Buffalo sauce. But proprietor Tommy Snyder also serves up big portions of jokes and friendly insults to the epic line that forms outside his shop, making this particular hot-dog experience unlike any other.
Don’t leave without: Staying at a historic bed and breakfast. It’s one thing to see the famous houses of Cape May, and another to stay there.

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Why it’s great: You know any other beach towns with postcards on the cover of a Springsteen album? Didn’t think so. The Boss was ahead of the curve: this remains one of the most underrated party towns in America, a one-time rock-band breeding ground that’s again launching big acts out of bars like Wonder Bar and The Stone Pony. It’s also grown into a town full of upscale restaurants and trendy bars, and has strangely become known for its concentration of art and design shops. Though a decade ago the town was pretty dilapidated and a sad relic of a bygone era, a trip here now is one of the cooler jaunts you can take down the Jersey Shore.
Must eat/drink: Anything in a shipping container along the boardwalk. It’s an only-in-Asbury Park experience probably best had with a Korean taco at MOGO or a mini-hoagie at Hoagitos.
Don’t leave without: Catching a live band at The Stone Pony. It’s where Bruce started, so who knows who you might see before they blow up.

Believe it or not, I've never been to Asbury Park - gasp!!  I need to correct that wrong quickly!

Also, I've never had this hot dog with mashed potatoes from Hot Dog Tommy's....

Time for a road trip!

Source: Thrillist