I know you're thinking that New Jersey holds the World Record for oldest rabbit.... You're wrong.  We DID hold that record until a rabbit in Australia lived 18 long years.  So what World Records do we hold?

Some of these are pretty interesting...

1.  Longest Ribbon Cutting - Seaside Heights - May 2013 - 5.51 miles

2.  Most Rubik's Cubes Solved Underwater in a Single Breath (Wait, what?  I can't solve a Rubki's Cube above water in 500 breaths....) - Jersey City - August 2014 - 5

3.  Most Consecutive Skateboard Ollies - Mount Laurel - July 2011 - 242 times

I wasn't sure what a skateboard ollie is....  Now I know!

What kind of records have you broken in your lifetime?

Source: Estately.com