As I travel throughout South Jersey - usually to my son's high school baseball games - there are certain places I stop. Places with ice cream. Places with frozen custard.

If I'm heading west of Mays Landing, and I'm on the Black Horse Pike, the must-stop is the Custard Castle. If I'm headed toward Millville, it's the Custard Corral (pictured.)

It's not the goats that I can watch at the Custard Corral (they say they have a petting zoo, but, I think it's just a few goats). It's the vanilla-orange swirl cone. Mmmmmm.

If I'm in Somers Point, I hit the Dairy Queen. Pretty much the best vanilla cone anywhere.

There are more. I just can't remember the names of the places. Custard-this, Dairy-that. Hand me a vanilla cone or a vanilla-orange swirl, and I'm a happy man.

So, where are the must stop ice cream on your routes? I just gotta know. I'll just have to try them all.