Veronica Harwood of Wildwood was a finalist on a reality TV dating show called "Catching Kelce."

Harwood was one of 50 contestants from across the country to literally "catch" Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

And yes, he is the younger brother to Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

"Catching Kelce" is exactly what it sounds like...  50 women vied for the heart of the professional football player.

I'm pretty mad...  I used to see this show on all the time.  Of course I would love it...  I love smutty reality TV, but I never gave it the chance.  Little did I know a local gal was competing!  Grrr...  I'm mad at myself...

Moving on...

The season came down to Harwood and Maya Benberry of Kentucky.

According to, Kelce told Harwood how much she meant to him,

Before the final elimination, Kelce described Harwood as "so positive, so happy, and so beautiful inside and out."
"I feel very strongly about you," Kelce told Harwood during their final one-on-one date in Kansas City. "I see a sparkle every time you smile."

But in the end, Kelce picked Benberry.  Harwood's friends and family watched the finale at Backfin Blues Bar and Grill in Wildwood.

Harwood still believes true love can be found on reality TV, telling,

Harwood told that it is "definitely possible" to find love on a television reality show, but takes self discipline.
"You really have to stay true to yourself," she said. "It's hard not to get wrapped up into the drama and listen to all these other girls' relationships (with Travis.)"

Jason Kelce says Harwood was definitely a favorite because she's from Jersey and is a lifelong Eagles fan!  Too bad big brother didn't have more of a say in the winner!

Congratulations nonetheless Veronica!  Jersey and Wildwood are proud of you!