This Thursday, a news conference takes place on the beach in Atlantic City to announce the opening acts for the Blake Shelton concert on July 31st and for the Lady Antebellum concert on August 3rd.

Both concerts are free, although you do need a ticket - and all the tickets have long been claimed.

Could the opening act for Blake Shelton be - his very own wife, Miranda Lambert?

Before I go any further, please note that this is merely my own speculation, not based on any known facts or "inside information."

Miranda Lambert, according to her own tour schedule, is certainly available to open for Blake on the 31st. She's not playing any shows on the 31st, and her next show is in Oregon on August 1st. (They have planes that fly across the country in less than a half a day, you know....)

Miranda Lambert certainly has a history with Blake Shelton. (And a present too - if you don't believe those nasty divorce rumors in the tabloids.)

Finally, who holds a press conference to announce "usual" opening acts? The Atlantic City Alliance is scheduled to discuss other concert-related issues on Thursday, but wouldn't the announcement of Miranda give the Alliance the last-minute bang it wants, three weeks before the show?

So, will it be Miranda? We will find out - and let you know - Thursday!