Sunday  is "The Big Game" (legally, we're not supposed to say "Super Bowl'), but we're playing a pretty big game tomorrow (Friday) morning, giving away Jason Aldean concert tickets!

Jason Aldean is coming to Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall with Thomas Rhett and A Thousand Horses on February 27th. The show is sold out....but, we have some tickets for you to win!

I'll be playing "Big Game Bookie" tomorrow. Several times throughout the morning, I'll ask you to be the 7th caller at 609-383-1073. If you're the 7th caller, I'll ask you to pick the winner of Sunday's contest between Denver and Carolina. Pick right and you win two tickets to the concert. Pick wrong and you lose.

Make sure you're up early! You're first chance to  play will be between 5:30 and 6:00am!