We all have that moment when we see something that reminds us of a specific occasion. In this case it's SUMMER TIME. What is it that you see in South Jersey that makes you say "wow, it really must be summer..."
We asked our Cat Country listeners to complete the sentence:

And here's what we came up with...

  • 1

    Traffic Erupts

    This was everyone's number one answer,  unfortunately...Friday's and Sunday's become the worst days east and west on the Parkway and AC Expressway

    Dawn McCulley Manning of West Berlin says, "You start screaming more at out of state cars in the left lane... you know, the ones holding up the flow of traffic!"

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  • 2

    Shoobies Invade

    Next in line comes the Shoobies.

    Shoobies [noun]: A term used back in the day for out of town/state folk who used to bring their lunch to the beach in shoeboxes (since they didn't have beach homes to make lunch at)

    So they come down the shore, not realizing that people live here have a certain way of living and driving. So basically they act like they're on vacation, invade our casinos, gamble with our money, drink our booze, dirty our beaches and think they can do whatever they heck they please on OUR turf. SHOOBS!!!!!!

    As John Sheets Jr. of Erma says, "You know it's summer in South Jersey when you're doing the shoobie shuffle"

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  • 3

    Farmers Markets Open

    They're everywhere!  Listener Jen Sepich says, "There are farmers market everywhere and we get amazing fruit and veggies!"

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  • 4

    You Have To Pay for Parking

    Listener Janell Vale said it best... "There are no parking spots left by 9 a.m"

    And if there's no street parking left, forged abot it 

    As Amy Calamito said, "You Know it's Summer in South Jersey When You have to pay for parking."

    Listener Deb Christman says you DEFINITELY know when, the meters start working

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  • 5

    Wawa Turns Into a Madhouse

    I couldn't get into Wawa the other day because they were repaving their parking lot to prepare for the season...

    Casey Rae from Cape May said, "You Know it's Summer in South Jersey when you can't find parking at Wawa"

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  • 6

    Ice Cream Men Strut Along the Beaches

    Bob, Rick, Jim, Larry... all the homies are shouting their way back for the best exercise/tan combo one's ever created! They're always a crowd favorite during the summer in South Jersey!

    Credit: Ezra Shaw via Getty Images
  • 7

    PA License Plates Take Over the Parkway

    Playing the license plate game to help the time pass on your way down the shore, gets a whole lot harder when all there is to choose from is PA.

    Our listeners put it best, Kim Williams Rubio from North  Cape May says, "You Know It's Summer in South Jersey "when you see more out of state licence plates then ones from New Jersey."

    Credit: William Thomas Cain via Getty Images
  • 8

    Tops Come Down

    Jeeps, convertibles, you name it! And if you don't have a top to take off then take, FGL's advice, put your windows down and cruise. 

    Our listener Rhonda Woodring says, "You Know It's Summer In South Jersey When you start seeing the doors and tops come off the Jeeps!!"

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  • 9

    The Board Walk Opens 7 Days A Week

    Ocean City, Atlantic City, and Wildwood is where the fun never stops in the summer!  

    Leslie Keever Barnett from Egg Harbor says, You Know It's Summer When The boardwalks are open 7 days a week

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  • 10

    Traffic Lights Change

    In the attempt to regulate the flow of traffic on the island...Here's some insight on the traffic lights incase you didn't know:

    Mark Hammer of Somers Point says, "You Know It's Summer When the traffic lights are not flashing yellow in Margate"

    Carol Cramer Weygand in Ocean City says, "You Know It's Summer when they change the timing on the traffic lights on Rt 47 from 45 seconds to waiting 2 1/2 minutes for it to change on weekends"

    (I didn't know that was a thing, honestly)

    Martha Indricovic Kaar say you'd be lucky if the traffic lights are actually working in LBI at all...

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