A young chef in Linwood got the experience of a lifetime with celebrity TV personality Rachael Ray!

Carmella DiSanti loves to cook for others and she's only 9 years old!  In what started as a labor of love, Carmella cooks every Thursday night for friends, family and neighbors as a way to make a little extra money for her family's trip to Disney.

When the trip didn't turn out, Carmella donated all of the money she made to her friend Amy Schwartz of Ocean City who is battling cancer.

That's a selfless act!

Well, Carmella always wanted to see Rachael Ray of the Food Network fame, so her mom requested tickets to a live taping of her daytime TV show .  When a staffer called to confirm that all in attendance would be over the age of 16, mom, Wendy DiSanti was heart broken.

According to Shore News Today,

Undaunted she sent a copy of the story of Carmela that appeared in the Feb. 18 edition of The Mainland Current. This time she did not get a call from one of the staffers; “One of the producers of the Rachel Ray Show called quickly after I sent the story and said that Rachel wants Carmela on the show. I was so excited. We went from being able to not just watch the show, to Carmela being on the show,” said DiSanti.

Carmella not only got to meet her favorite celebrity TV personality, but she was featured on the Rachael show!  And Rachael Ray donated $5000 to Carmella's friend Amy who is battling cancer and sent Carmella home with a set of Rachael Ray cookware!

The show was filmed on April 13th and it will air sometime this summer.

Source: Shore News Today