Ah, summer! The living is easy. Unless there are idiots around you.

Welcome to my life in the summer in South Jersey.

These are the 10 people I hate this summer:

  • 1

    The I'm-Better-Than-You-Girl who you hold the door open for at Wawa who doesn't say "Thank You" or even acknowledges your existence.

  • 2

    The Newspaper Delivery Person in Egg Harbor Township who I often pass early in the morning who thinks he/she can drive on the wrong side of the road because he/she has his/her flashers on.


  • 3

    People on bikes who think it's OK to ride 3 abreast rather than single file and won't move over when a car is behind them.

  • 4

    The person in the crosswalk who is more interested in their cell phone conversation than actually walking across the street.

  • 5

    Anybody/Everybody from Altoona, Pennsylvania. (Don't ask)

  • 6

    The person who parks at the Wawa gas pump and goes inside apparently to work an eight hour shift before they come back out and move their car.

  • 7

    The person who thinks every day is the 4th of July and it's OK to shoot off fireworks, guns, and anything else that makes a loud noise 6 nights a week.

  • 8

    People who park in the "No Parking - Fire Zone" zone in front of Shoprite.

  • 9

    People related to the people who park in the "No Parking - Fire Zone" zone in front of ShopRite.

  • 10

    People who smoke in the car with children who apparently are unaware of the proven danger of second hand smoke.

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