New Jersey has thousands of laws on the books. While most of these laws make sense, there are some out there that are just plain weird.

We all know that pumping your own gas in the Garden State is illegal, but what are some other bizarre and perhaps unknown laws in New Jersey? We put a list together of 10 of the weirdest.





  • 3103jp

    Handcuffs may not be sold to minors.

    Did you know it's illegal to sell a pair of handcuffs to a minor, and if you're caught doing so you could wind up being charged with a disorderly persons offense. This one kinda makes the most sense to me. Nothing good can come of selling handcuffs to kids.


  • Andrey Kekyalyaynen
    Andrey Kekyalyaynen

    Car dealerships are forbidden from opening on Sunday.

    It is illegal for any dealership in New Jersey to sell automobiles on Sunday. Who wouldn't want to spend the final day of the weekend haggling with a car salesman?

  • Magnascan

    There will be no boiling of bones on the property.

    This law is actually on the books in Sea Isle City. Hopefully if you're breaking this law it's because of soup bones.

  • Purestock

    You may not dance or wear shorts on the Main Avenue.

    This doozy of a law is actually on the books in Caldwell. Shaking your groove thing on Main Avenue is bound to get you into trouble. Leave your shorts home, because they are also against the law. I kinda like this because you wouldn't want to see me dance.

  • Emma Innocenti
    Emma Innocenti

    It is against the law for a man to knit during the fishing season.

    This one is one of the weirdest, because knitting is not allowed during fishing season, and it only pertains to men. Not sure why. What guy wouldn't want to knit while trying to catch some fish in the great outdoors?

  • geniebird

    It is against the law to “frown” at a police officer.

    No sourpuss's allowed in New Jersey. You will get into trouble if you frown at a police officer, especially if that officer is having a bad day. There's even a “Frown-Free Town Zone” in Bernard Township!

  • Rafal Stachura
    Rafal Stachura

    You may not slurp your soup.

    I would break this dumb law repeatedly. My wife constantly reminds me not to slurp my soup, but I didn't know I was actually breaking the law. I'm not going to tell her about this bizarre law.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Pickles are outlawed on Sundays.

    The nerve of Trenton lawmakers. No pickles period while you're trying to watch the Eagles. Check your burgers on Sunday's to make sure you're not breaking the law in the state capitol.

  • Purestock

    You need a doctor's note to buy ice cream after 6PM.

    This law is actually on the books in Newark.You could get fined and arrested. Not sure a double scoop of Chocolate Lover’s Trash is worth landing in jail. A truly dumb law.

  • Scott Griessel
    Scott Griessel

    Annoying someone of the opposite sex is prohibited.

    Uh-oh.. I'm in big trouble. I have to admit, I do annoy my wife on a daily basis. This state wide law could really make my life difficult. Here's another dumb law that I'll keep to myself.

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