With vaccination appointments looking like they'll be more accessible to more South Jersey residents sooner rather than later, it's worth highlighting one resident who was super stoked about her ability to finally get her vaccination.

It was revealed this week that a 102-year-old woman from Camden County was finally able to get her COVID-19 vaccination. It comes as a celebration for more than just Marie Doto herself as it's proof that perhaps fear of virus transmission from going to vaccination sites has maybe started to fall along with the number of positive COVID-19 cases.

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Multiple sources report that the number of positive cases per day in Camden County alone have significantly dropped over the last couple of weeks. In fact, the county's Commissioner Director even said that the number they've been seeing per week lately is  formerly what the county would see per day. Doto received her vaccine this week during which the county only saw an average of under 90 positive cases per day. Could this woman's vaccination be seen as a glimmer of hope for us here in South Jersey? That will depend on the the current trend of cases numbers remaining steady.

Hopefully, the cases throughout all of South Jersey will continue to drop. Obviously, that's the goal. However, we still have some hills to climb. Even with the numbers dropping, South Jersey still has some economic issues to tackle since so many people are still out of work due to the pandemic.

What drove Doto to make sure she received her vaccination when she could was the thought of finally being able to reunite with family, particularly her grandchildren.

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