In case you didn't hear, they auctioned off the former Inn of the Dove hotel/motel/whatever-you-call-it earlier this week. The former "lover's getaway" has been closed for several years.

You should see what was found at the Egg Harbor Township site!

(OK, full disclosure here: I'm just making this stuff up to, hopefully, make you laugh....)

1. 127 pair of handcuffs.

2.  54 handcuff keys (Well, that's a problem, isn't it.)

3. Lotion. Seas and Seas of lotion.

*4. 86 Ceiling mirrors, all stamped with the phrase, "Objects are larger that they appear."

5. 18 matching bra and panties sets. They must have been from single women, .... (`Cause you know, married women don't bother to match after the first year of marriage.)

*** Update... my wife informed me that married women who cheat wear matching sets. Wait.....

6. 8,020 receipts for 18 holes of golf. (Everybody needs an alibi, right?)

7. A MOUNTAIN of birth control paraphernalia.

8.  1,292 cell phone chargers.

9. 628,412 empty wine bottles.

10. 2900 empty cans of whipped cream.

11. Numerous, various, indescribable stains.

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