Ok, so the title of this article is "12 Extremely Depressing Facts About Popular Music."  This is  according to EatLiver.com.  

First, click HERE to read the article.  Ok, now read on.

I think there are two ways to look at this....

1.  People are insane.  Parents aren't teaching their children good music.  People evidently have a hard time hearing... etc etc etc.  You know it's a sad world when someone watching the Grammy Awards doesn't know who Paul McCartney is....

2.  More people are interested and listening to music in this day and age.  Any kind of music.  Be that Rihanna or Shania Twain.  At least they are listening and buying music.

The latter has to be more important, right?  I hope so.  Music is therapeutic, music is magical and manipulative - in a good way.  It seems, to me, that the accessibility to new music is better than ever, therefore, more people find new great music.

And, hey, everybody has different taste, but thankfully, there is something out there for all of us!

Just make sure that your children know about the Beatles.

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