140 lbs?? That thing weighs almost as much as me!

Isn't it amazing to think about the fact that these creatures can end up here on this earth longer than you? With the state of our waters, that's not always the case, so it's nice to hear about the community jumping into action when one of these beauties is in a state of peril.

A 20-year-old loggerhead sea turtle was retrieved from Ocean City last month after it appeared to be having trouble diving. It was covered in barnacles, which is apparently a tell-tale sign that she was in poor health. The turtle was transported to Sea Turtle Recovery for tests and observation, but everything was coming back inconclusive.

Thanks to the assistance provided by Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital, the turtle was able to receive a CT scan to determine the root of the problem. Owner and vet, Dr. Christopher Torre, of the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital said that the whole facility feels honored to play a part in the turtle's healing process.

if you come across an injured or deceased sea turtle, you can report it to either the US Coast Guard or local police.

Press Release Provided By Sea Turtle Recovery Inc.


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