Cat Country 107.3 turns 20 years old this summer. Let's get to know one of the voices that you have been listening to for the past two decades.

His name is Bob Kingsley and his voice has been apart of Cat Country 107.3 since before we went on the air in 1998. Every Sunday morning, Bob is the voice you hear counting down the biggest country songs of the week with Country Top 40, a show that he has hosted since 2006.

Before he hit the national stage, Bob's radio career started in 1959 while he was serving in the Air Force. Out of the service, he worked at a country station in Los Angeles in the 1960s. By 1974, he was producing American Country Countdown, which he started hosting in 1978. Bob was behind the mic with ACC until the end of 2005, when he launched Country Top 40.

Recently, Bob sat-down with KTVT in Dallas to share what it's been like riding the country charts for the past four decades...

Listen to Bob Kingsley's Country Top 40 every Sunday morning at 10:00 on Cat Country 107.3!

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