Just what we need; more evidence to show to the world that New Jersey residents can't drive. If you couldn't pick up on the sarcasm of the first part of that statement, I don't know what to tell you.

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Well, thanks to another viral video shared to social media, we've done it again, New Jersey! Now, the whole internet can see just how subpar some residents' driving skills are. Let me be the first to tell the world that it's not all of us. Some of us are actually skilled drivers here in the Garden State.

@jerseytalks via Instagram
@jerseytalks via Instagram

Driver ran off road on NJ Route 55 in viral video

Thanks to the @jerseytalks Instagram account, the internet got to see how dangerous some of the roads we have to commute on each and every day here in the Garden State really are.

Usually, driving down Route 55 is a pleasurable experience. I've never experienced anything nasty on that stretch of highway. Usually, people are just trying to get from point A to point B safe and sound. I've never seen any aggressive driving that would be deemed out of the ordinary for Jersey.

Let's face it.... aggressive driving is something we all practice every single day here in the Garden State.

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@jerseytalks via Instagram
@jerseytalks via Instagram

Honda runs red car off the road in South Jersey

In a video that's now amassed thousands of views on Instagram, a dashcam captures footage of a Honda Civic running a red sedan off the road while merging. I'm not even sure you can refer to what the Honda was trying to do as a "merge," though. Whatever it was doing, the driver CLEARLY wasn't paying attention.

You can't help but feel bad for the person driving the red car. People in the comments are saying the red car should've just braked, but others disagree since the red driver was already in the lane, therefore technically had the right-of-way.

What do you make of the situation? Watch it below & let us know on the app!

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