Thank you to Kim Lardiere from the Island Heights community who reached out to Cat Country to enlighten us about this Daily Dose of Good that needs some extra love and a special "thank you."

It's in regards to a young man name Justin Dill-Apel.  At 19 years old,  he was taken from his family too soon due to a work related accident.

Friends of the Apel Family are asking friends, loved ones, and community members for support during this hardship. In which case, they have created a Go-Fund-Me page that has raised just enough funds to help lay Justin to rest.

If you would like to continue to show your support for the family during this hard time, please feel free to continue donating!

Coming from Kim, as a parent, this is truly the unthinkable. So any small or large donation is GREATLY appreciated.

Credit: Renee Pasalano via
Credit: Renee Pasalano via

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