Ever wondered how you can spread the word about your cause or situation to help spread the word and FAST?

Credit: TSM

Well here's the answer: The Power of Radio

Every morning between 9-9:30am, I host a segment on Cat Country Mornings with Joe and Rachel called: Daily Dose of Good

Daily Dose of Good is our way to reach out to the Cat Country community to see who is in need, or is doing a little extra dose of good for our area in South Jersey, and around the world.

I'll share your story, initiative and/or cause LIVE, on-air; letting people know about what you're doing and how to get involved!

If you would like to be featured on our Daily Dose of Good to help spread the word about your cause, simply send us a Facebook message or email me at rachel@catcountry1073.com with YOUR story!

I'll even write a web story about your initiative so that we can help spread the word faster through the power of social media! Sharing is caring after all...

Credit: TSM

If you know someone who is in need or is doing a dose of good, you can also send us their story to our Facebook page as well!

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