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We're all hoping and praying for an end to social isolation and for life to return to normal. While that's happening for many states sooner rather than later across our nation, it doesn't look like New Jersey will be opening up at the same pace (and for good reason).

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New Jersey is right behind New York with the second highest numbers in the country, so to expect this state to open as quickly as those with significantly less cases is foolish and, to be honest, irresponsible.

Since we stand to be spending a few more weeks in quarantine, it's safe to say there will most likely not be any Memorial Day celebrations in our region. With that being said, it doesn't mean you can't celebrate the start of summer. Grab these items, grab a drink, and hop on a Zoom call or Facetime, & you and yours can still make it at the very least a summer to remember.


  • 1

    An Adult-Sized Blow Up Pool

    Seriously though, if we can't get to the beach for the first few months, at the very least we'll be able to lounge in the water with a drink in our hands. I never lie.

  • 2

    Inflatable Pool Drink Holders

    If you're going to lounge in your adult pool, but don't feel like holding your drink, we've got you covered. Inflatable drink holders will solve that problem for you.

  • 3

    Kid-Friendly Backyard Water Fun

    You can't relax unless the kids are kept busy, right? So, while you're relaxing in your adult blow-up pool with your inflatable drink holders floating next to you, you can keep an eye on the kids as they enjoy their epic summer sprinkler.

  • 4

    Something to Remember The Occasion

    Even though the two aren't related, they do have the same name. Well.. at least partly. If you do have a big pool, keep the mood light with these floats to remember this time in history.

  • 5

    Yard Games

    A family-friendly lawn game is an absolute must-have for a summer at the house. You'll probably want more than one so you don't get bored, but a GIANT Connect 4 is a good place to start.

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