Legendary Diner in New Jersey For Sale
  Diner has been a landmark since the 1940s
  Right in the heart of South Jersey
  Classic Jersey diner look inside and out

If you ever want to own a true, landmark, legendary diner in the diner capital of the world, this is your chance.

And since this particular diner is in my hometown, perhaps I can offer you a bit of insight as to how much this historic restaurant means to the people right in the heart of South Jersey.

Diner in New Jersey Up For Sale

If I were to ask you what a stereotypical diner in New Jersey looks and feels like, what would you say?

You probably immediately think of lots of chrome and/or stonework on the front of the building and some neon either inside and/or out.

You can probably also sense that "Jersey diner feel" as soon as you walk through the front doors. Once inside, you picture a lot of locals talking about whatever is happening around the area while your waitress spouts off the daily specials and probably calls you "hun" or "sweetie" at some point.

Typical menu at a diner in NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
Typical menu at a diner in NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

And the menu — huge. Pages and pages long, you can get breakfast at night, dinner in the morning, or any combination thereof at any time of day.

Yours For Only $5 Million

According to a published report in the Philadelphia Business Journal, Geets Diner on the Black Horse Pike in Williamstown is for sale.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The asking price? $5 million.

Geets Diner in Williamstown is a Landmark

Having grown up in Williamstown, I can tell you this: every single time every single person in and around Williamstown has ever given directions, there has been a reference to Geets Diner.

"Get off the Expressway, head over Sicklerville Road, and when you get to Geets's, turn left on the pike..."

Yes, sometimes locals refer to the diner as "geets-iz" the same way the supermarket chain is "ac-a-me" or the other one is "al-dees."

But I'm not joking -- Geets is a landmark if there ever was one.

Of course, that giant red sign out front helps, too.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Long History of Geets Diner

Geets opened in 1942 and little has changed (that's a good thing in the world of New Jersey diners).

A side dining room has been modernized and a sports bar was added to the back several years ago, however, the main dining room is like stepping back in time.

The counter at the front door showcases any number of delicious baked goods, there's a long counter with seats, with rows of those big diner booths.

The diner did close in 2016 as its owners at the time filed for bankruptcy protection. Its current owners revived it in 2018.

The good news is that if you are interested in buying Geets, there's not much competition in the immediate area.

The Williamstown McDonald's is right next door — that's been there longer than I've been alive, but that's about it. Monroe Township, with a population of about 37,000, doesn't have a huge offering of national sit-down chains like Chili's or Olive Garden.

More Information About Geets Diner

If you are interested in finding out more about Geets, you can visit the website for Wolf Commercial Real Estate.

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