Her dad likes him, so she's got that going for her.

The Fox TV series Farmer Wants a Wife is starting to head towards the finish line, and Sydney Errera of Sweetwater is looking like she could win this thing.

Farmer Wants a Wife - Fox TV
Farmer Wants a Wife - Fox TV

Farmer Wants a Wife only has a few episodes left

The show is airing its second season on Fox TV. It's on Thursday nights.

On the show, four farmers are looking for love, and each farmer starts with several "city" girls vying for his love and affection - and the chance to ultimately move onto his farm.

One of the contestants this season is 22-year-old Sydney, a graduate of Cedar Creek High School.

If you know Sweetwater and the Mullica River area, you know it's a stretch to call it "city."

Perhaps that's the reason Sydney may have had a leg up on some of her competition. She kind of fits into the farmer/rural lifestyle.

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Farmer Mitchell meets Sydney and her family in Sweetwater

In the most recent episode, Mitchell left his farm in the Nashville area to come to South Jersey and meet Sydey's family.

The main focus of the episode was Mitchell's meeting with Sydney's dad, Chuck.

On the show, Sydney referred to her dad as her "bestie."

Both Chuck and Mitchell seemed to have a lot in common. Mitchell even invited Chuck to come to Nashville and do some deer hunting with him.

Dad seemed to approve. At one point he told his family, "I think if I was a little younger I might make a pitch for him. For me! LOL

Chuck! America loves you!

While in Sweetwater, Mitchell also got to meet Sydney's two sheep. I guarantee no other finalist on the show has her own sheep!

What's next on Farmer Wants a Wife

In the next episode, Mitchell will meet the other remaining girl's family, but we can't believe it could go any better than this visit did for Mitchell and Sydney.

"Right now", said Mitchell, "There's a special place in my heart for Sydney."

After the next episode, it'll be up to Mitchell to make a decision on who he wants to pursue a long-term relationship with.

This guy thinks we might see some more of Mitchell in Sweetwater in the future!

Good luck, Sydney!

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