If you thought Wawa couldn't get any more awesome, think again.

Remember when the brand-new Wawa opened its door in Center City, Philadelphia back in 2018? The celebration was quite the party, too. It was epic.

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There was a DJ, giveaways, a celebratory grand-opening hot drink, and more. Why such a fuss over this new Wawa? Oh, no reason. It's only the largest Wawa to ever exist!

In case you've never been there before, the store is located at 6th and Chestnut in the city and takes up 11,500 square feet. That's huge! According to 6ABC at the time, the store has huge screens, a café, a mural featuring the city skyline, and of course, free wifi! So, if you're over the view you get when you sit at the Starbuck nearby, why not get some work done at the Wa?

Even the opening ceremonies for the largest convenience store if its name were over-the-top. It featured various performances and appearances by important Philadelphia officials.

via 6ABC

If you missed out on the opening back in 2018 and haven't seen the store in person yet, get a feeling for what you've been missing here!

Honestly, there's no Wawa like it here in South Jersey. If there were, you can bank on it being one of the most popular spots around. People would never leave!

Source: 6ABC.com

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