Plan on robbing a bank? It's probably a good idea to not show just about every bit of evidence online.

18-year-old Tammond Hill of Camden was apparently not aware that you should lay-low after allegedly playing a role in several bank robberies. reports just days after allegedly being involved in one heist, he posted a picture of himself on Instagram.

Wearing a ski mask.

Holding two guns.

Wearing the same jacket that he wore in a bunch of robberies. reports he also posted pictures of himself with fifty and one hundred dollar bills online.

All told, four people, including Hill, Steven "Fat Boy" Cooley of Woodlynne, William Carter of Camden, and Rabon Watkins of Camden have all been arrested in connection with a string of robberies that began in December. Banks and businesses in several South Jersey towns were hit by various members of the group, according to the ATF.



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