I have to be honest, I wasn’t necessarily sold on the idea of a big vacation this year. Let’s face it, everything is INSANELY expensive right now. Gas is $5 a gallon and tolls are OUTRAGEOUS. So, for me to plan a vacation overseas or out west, I thought, was out of the question.

Now, I’m singing a different song because I just found out that I can travel basically anywhere I want to go with American Airlines right from the Atlantic City International Airport! Here's how it works: You book your airfare at flyaafromacy.com to any of American Airlines' 70 domestic and 20 international destinations. Enjoy low-cost parking and short lines at ACY and relax on the ride to the Philadelphia airport in the comfort of a motorcoach complete with free entertainment, power seats, and WiFi. There, you board an airplane to your destination.

That means that I don’t have to worry about driving all the way up to the city, putting out money for all that gas and almost $10 in tolls, nor do I have to pay those crazy fees to park my car.

I’m thinking about maybe a trek through Arizona this year, or heading to one of the islands! Whichever destination I choose, I’ll get to travel right from Atlantic City International Airport with American Airlines. That’s EXACTLY how I want to start my vacay - ZERO STRESS!

Take advantage of this great new service and start planning your vacation today, too, at flyaafromacy.com.