There are currently three competing proposals for how to achieve the best use for the coveted Atlantic City Bader Field waterfront property.

Bader Field is the largest undeveloped section of land in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

  • DEEM Enterprises.
  • Atlantic City and Philadelphia Developer Bart Blatstein.
  • Former New Jersey Senator William Gormley.

The DEEM Enterprises proposal is very much car-centric; but, would also include approximately 4,000 housing units, retail space, and a 2.7-mile raceway for high-powered cars owned by those who would live on the property.

DEEM Enterprises has previously pledged to pay the city $115 million for the site,

The Bart Blatstein proposal features a residential community concept, featuring homes, a school, walking paths, and more.

The Senator Gormley proposal calls for an open-space theme.

We have learned that the DEEM Enterprises proposal is on the next Atlantic City Council Agenda … with a stated goal of selecting DEEM Enterprises to receive the coveted Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

This would provide DEEM with the opportunity to formally submit their proposal for City Council acceptance.

Since Atlantic City is currently operating under an official takeover status, by the state of New Jersey, the state reserves the right to reject any decisions that City Council makes.

DEEM Enterprises made its way onto an Atlantic City Council meeting agenda one time previous to this only to see the state of New Jersey remove the agenda item before the Atlantic City Council could consider the issue.

We have learned that the Atlantic City Council member votes are there to select DEEM enterprises.

Only New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy can stop this at this time if he chooses to do so.

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