Sometimes success can be found in turning bad things into good things.

Once upon a time, Atlantic City had no legal gambling, then in 1976 gambling was legalized, with the first casino opening in 1978.

For years, marijuana use was illegal in New Jersey, then it was legalized in 2021.

Now, we have the same opportunity with cockfighting.

Photo by Niclas Dehmel on Unsplash
Photo by Niclas Dehmel on Unsplash

52 arrested in Galloway Township on cockfighting charges

In case you missed it, a massive cockfighting ring was broken up by police this past weekend, with 52 people receiving charges.

READ MORE: 52 arrested as massive cockfighting ring is broken up in Galloway

At this moment, cockfighting is against the law in all 50 states in our country. Wouldn't it be great if Atlantic City became the first city to make it legal?

7 reasons cockfighting should be legalized in Atlantic City

1. With cockfighting legal, we can all say "cockfighting every single day" and it would start to sound normal!

2. Legalizing cockfighting in Atlantic City would put Atlantic City at the beginning of cockfighting legalization, much like we were at the beginning of gambling legalization.

When Atlantic City legalized gambling, it was unique - only the second area of the country with legal gambling.

We can live in that space again with cockfighting. More tourism and more local jobs!

3. Cockfighting would be a great use for Atlantic City's Bader Field. It sure beats all the other proposals for land use at the site.

Preparing Bader Field for cockfighting wouldn't be an expensive endeavor. Bring about 4 or 5 dump trucks hauling dirt onto the site, carve out a few cockfighting rings, and you're all set.

Charge 10 bucks a car, and Shazam! You have a money-making operation.

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4. Cockfighting in Atlantic City will lower our taxes!

Every cockfight winner is charged a tax - that's every bird owner and every gambler.

Gambling produced lower taxes in New Jersey, so cockfighting would lower them even more!

(I think I can feel some eye-rolling right now....)

5. I could do the voice-over for all the cockfighting TV and radio commercials!

"This Sunday - Sunday - Sunday in Atlantic City, it's cockfighting weekend #42! Come bet on the best roosters, as they try to peck the eyes out of their opponents! The kids will love it!"

6. Online cockfighting!

Just as online betting helped drive gambling in New Jersey, online cockfighting can do the same!

7. Exercise for the roosters!

Many say cockfighting is animal abuse. I say, let's turn that around, and make it part of a daily rooster exercise program!

Hey, look... if I'm a rooster and you tell me fighting other roosters may keep me away from the butcher a little longer, I'm all in!

Come on Atlantic City, let's do this!

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