This such great news for the kids of Atlantic City and beyond here in this part of the Garden State.

If you're reading this without any knowledge of the Flyers Skate Zone that sits on the property of Bader Field in Atlantic City, then here's a bit of backstory for you. The destiny of what would become of Atlantic County's only ice rink was unclear for a quite a while. The rink switched hands more than a few times, bouncing from the city to investment companies or other entities, now ultimately, it's back under the city's control.

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For a while there, people were speculating that the rink would be either torn down or turned into something else entirely. Here's the problem: since it's the only ice rink in the area, that means that children would have no access to hockey, figure skating, or any sport on the ice. There would be one less recreational activity for them to do here in Atlantic City. So many people were hoping that there would be some way the skate zone could be preserved.

It looks like those people got their wish this week.

In a press conference, Mayor Marty Small Sr. confirmed the future of Flyers Skate Zone. He said that under his watch, the ice rink will remain open. That means that, at very least, we have the ice rink for the forseeable future. The rink did lose money in 2022, but 2023 is already looking like a much better year. According to, the rink has already seen a profit of $112,000+ so far. Hopefully, things will continue to turn around for Flyers Skate Zone so it can remain here in Atlantic City for years to come.


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