Blake Shelton will lose a chunk of his team after Monday night’s episode of ‘The Voice.’ Four of the 12 performers — all from Team Blake or Team Christina — will be sent home during Tuesday’s results show, with two others only being saved after a do-or-die performance.

Jermaine Paul leaned on his experience as a backup singer to Alicia Keys to kick off the night with ‘Living on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi. Paul has yet to hold back during a performance, and judges applauded his delivery tonight. Even Christina Aguilera said she liked it after initially questioning the song choice and insinuating that she could have done more with him than Shelton.

RaeLynn is the singer on Team Blake country fans are most looking forward to hearing more from. The sassy teenager seems like a mini-Miranda Lambert. She’s a ball of fire on stage, and she put plenty of attitude into Maroon 5‘s ‘Wake Up Call.’ Aguilera wondered is someone her age should grind her hips like that, but admitted she loved the performance. There’s an irony in there somewhere …

Street singer Naia Kete will spend the night worrying about her and Shelton’s decision to strip her version of Adele‘s ‘Turning Tables’ of reggae soul. It’s what the Erykah Badu fan has relied on, but Shelton wanted her to show she was more versatile and didn’t depend on just the one style. The crowd was mesmerized, but it wasn’t the type of performance to elicit loud shouts and hollers. It could have been a fatal mistake.

Rocker Jordis Unga‘s version of Heart‘s ‘Alone’ left Shelton shaking in his chair, but not nearly as much as he was for vocal powerhouse Erin Willett. He spent most of rehearsal reminding her she was a great singer, and then watched with America as she took the stage and delivered Stevie Wonder’s ‘Living for the City’ like a seasoned professional. Shelton called her’s the best performance of the night, adding “That’s a fact!” twice for emphasis.

Charlotte Sometimes was the last of Shelton’s singers, and she delivered a unique version of Paramore‘s ‘Misery Business.’ It was her goal to pull back some, as she thought she’d shown enough sass in earlier episodes. The results was a performance that all judges praised, but Levine said was flat at times.

Three contestants from Team Blake and Team Christina will be singled out during Tuesday night’s results show on NBC. They’ll all have a chance to sing for their lives with one member of each team being allowed to return. Ultimately, two from each team will be sent home.

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