Signs on the Garden State Parkway say to not exceed 45 MPH in a work zone. How fast do you go?

I was driving up and down the Garden State Parkway this weekend, through the long construction zone between Smithville and Manahawkin, and I noticed that very few (if any) people were going 45 MPH, which is the posted speed limit in the work zone.  That reminded me of someone who visited the station a couple weeks ago from New York City. While she was here, she said she didn't know what to do in the construction zone -- she attempted to go 45 MPH and the result wasn't too pleasant.

If you are driving at the normal 65 MPH speed through the 45 MPH work zone, you are setting yourself up for a 4-point ticket plus a rather large fine. So, do you try to observe the posted 45 MPH speed limit or do you travel at your "normal" driving speed?


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