A major theft in Bridgeton has resulted in the arrest of a man from the city who has been charged with swiping some pretty expensive pieces from the scene of the alleged crime.

NJ.com reports that a 27-year-old has been brought into custody who, according to Bridgeton police, has been charged with multiple crimes after allegedly stealing two hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry from a home on Hitchner Avenue at the beginning of the month.

Apparently, this specific incident may not be the only one the suspect is connected to. There have reportedly been multiple burglaries and break-ins similar to this one in not only the city of Bridgeton itself, but the surrounding municipalities as well. The city police have also been working side-by-side with NJ state police and have more arrests they plan to carry out.

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How exactly were the cops able to find the 27-year-old? NJ.com writes that the man was discovered with two others on multiple pieces of surveillance tape. He along with his accomplices were apparently tampering with elements that would disable security systems at the homes they were targeting, but cameras along the way were able to spot them. The 27-year-old has now been identified as Williston C. Jamison III. The identities of the other two with him the night of this particular incident have not yet been released to the public.

If you live in Bridgeton or the surrounding towns, you're asked to report any and all suspicious behavior to the Bridgeton police at once by submitting it HERE anonymously or calling 856-451-0033.

Source: NJ.com


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