Friends, family, and members of the Bridgeton community will gather next month for a tree lighting ceremony in honor of missing child Dulce Alavez.

The event will take place Saturday, December 18th at 4:30 p.m. at Bridgeton City Park, reports.

The park is the last place Dulce, then 5 years old, was seen on September 16, 2019 when she vanished during a family outing.

As her family holds onto hope, authorities continue to pursue the whereabouts of the missing little girl, recently releasing an age-progression photo of what Dulce would look like as a 7-year-old, in hopes a new lead would surface. There also remains a $75,000 reward for information.

courtesy Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office/Facebook
courtesy Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office/Facebook

On December 18th, a big oak tree on the playground at Bridgeton City Park, known as “Dulce’s tree,” will be illuminated, along with a small Christmas tree. The theme will reportedly be 'Frozen', after Dulce's favorite Disney movie.

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The 'Dulce's Silent Night' ceremony will take place at 25 Mayor Aiken Drive in Bridgeton.

If you have information related to the disappearance of Dulce Alavez, please contact any of the following:

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