If you’ve been following Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher’s plans to have children, you know that in a recent interview with Oprah the happy couple had differing opinions on when to start their family. But that seems like a minor glitch compared to the bomb Fisher dropped later: He wants seven children. Is Underwood up for mothering that many kids?

In the sit-down with ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter,’ the ‘Good Girl’ singer said she’d like just two or three kids. But her hockey player husband was open about wanting seven kids… and starting their family right now. Twenty-nine-year-old Underwood, who is in the middle of promoting her No. 1 album ‘Blown Away,’ said that they would start a family later.

Despite the kinks they still need to work out when it comes to actually having kids, both the singer and her husband are both excited to be parents one day. “He’s gonna be the best Dad ever, and that makes the whole parent situation seem much, much better,” Underwood said of Fisher.

Even after two years of marriage, the country music star admits in the interview that sometimes she can’t believe she’s off the market.

“Sometimes I still have those moments where I can’t believe I’m married. I spent 27 years not being married and I kind of got used to it,” Underwood says. “But now, the more I do it, the more I’m able to think more of ‘we.’”

“For the first year of our marriage, I still would give people gifts and write: ‘Love, Carrie,’” she adds. “And I’m like, OK, now I’m ‘Carrie and Mike’ — there’s two of us now. But I’m getting better all the time.”
Whether Carrie and Mike have seven, two or only one, we’re looking forward to seeing the first Underwood-Fisher baby.

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