We’re on a mission to find the best places to grab lunch in your neighborhood!  Every Wednesday, I’ll feature a new town and new lunch spots!  On the last Wednesday of each month, you get to vote on the best Cat Country "Cafe of the Week" from that month!

Here are the top 3 winners from the month of May.  Which one is your favorite?  Vote below!

1) Stone Harbor Bar and Grill, 96th Street Pub - Located on the main drag in Stone Harbor, 96th Street Pub has a great selection of food, draft beer and TV’s. Pizzas, salads, and sandwiches await you at Stone Harbor Bar & Grill.

2) The Sweet Life Bakery – The Sweet Life Bakery prides themselves on using fresh ingredients for their daily lunch specials. Located on Landis Avenue in Vineland, the owners are known to be very active in the community, which always a good thing!

3) Ventura's Offshore Cafe -  Ventura's in Northfield has been around for a long time. Best known for their Mussels Marinara, Ventura's has a package store attached to the restaurant, they cater and they will serve you a great lunch!

Which Lunch Spot is Your Favorite for the month of May?

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