This is the definitive non-official, non-scientific, Cat Country 107.3 Presidential Poll.

A great idea, of course, but we've made the idea even greater by making this a fundraiser for our Feed a Family program later this month. In order to vote, we ask you to please make a $10 donation (at least) for Feed a Family.

Later this month we'll attempt to provide as many Thanksgiving dinners as possible to LOCAL friends and neighbors who are going through tough financial times this year.

(Based on how many dollars we can raise in this Vote, we'll be taking sign-ups for the Thanksgiving dinners later this month.)

We're working with the Atlantic City Rescue Mission on this project, that means your donation is completely tax deductible. The Rescue Mission will help us use your donation to feed people in South Jersey in need this year.

So, here's how to vote, and help out the Feed a Family effort:

1. Click on this link, which will take you to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission donation page. There, we ask you to make a donation of at least $10. This is on the honor system, so how about it?

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Please vote for your favorite candidate below. Again, thank you for your donation to Feed a Family!

Donald Trump And Joe Biden Participate In Final Debate Before Presidential Election
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You can still support our Feed a Family efforts by clicking here.

Thanks for donating to Feed a Family! Your donation will help us to provide Thanksgiving meals to local families in need this Thanksgiving.

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