We asked YOU what questions you had for the Thunderbirds before the Atlantic City Airshow, and now--we have YOUR answers!

What a surreal opportunity it was to be up-close and personal with the vessels that my family and I have been watching fly over the AC strip since I was a little girl.

I had the opportunity to interview Major Nate Hoffman--Thunderbird #3 Right Wing Pilot, who gave us the low down on not only the air show, but also answered some of our 'Cat Country Listener Questions' that YOU wanted to know about being a Thunderbird Pilot.

We picked the TOP 10 questions that our listeners sent in and here's what we got:

  1.  When you're flying in formation, how close are you to the other planes? -- John, EHT
  2.  Do you use any secret code words to communicate with the other pilots? -- Molly, Ventnor
  3. Is it true that you can't fly a plane if you have a cavity? --Dalton, Sea Isle
  4. How much training do you go thru to become a thunder bird pilot? -- Melissa, Ocean City 
  5. Is washing the plane the same as washing a car? -- Anthony, Wildwood
  6. How long is it between replacement of pilots? -- Russell, Cherry Hill
  7. Has there ever been an "oops" when it comes to learning stunts? -- Bethany, Vineland
  8. Have you ever used your uniform as a way to pick up a significant other? -- Kyle, Millville
  9. Was there ever a time that you got plane sick? -- Jacob, Northfield
  10. What is your biggest piece of advice to give to someone who is afraid of flying?

**DISCLAIMER***: It's VERY windy on the USAF Base, but the audio does clear up and YES, all your questions are answered!

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