Although many are trying to make the most out of Hurricane Harvey that's currently slamming the coast of Texas, it's truly a devastation that is far from over.

Hurricane Harvey touched down in the Gulf on Friday as a category 4 hurricane. On Saturday, over 1,000 people were rescued as the storm brought in 3 feet of rain and 130 mph winds.

So far, "Harvey" has dumped 11 trillion gallons of water on Texas. In total, The Houston area may receive 50 inches of flood water.

In which case, America is finally coming together to help bring rescue to those effected by this record breaking Hurricane. Especially one of our very own Country Music Artists, Chris Young.

He's asking us all to work together to help the people of Texas. Young has family and a home located in Texas where Hurricane Harvey hit. So as an effort to help all families affected, he has created a Go-Fund-Me donation page to help all those in need!

So far, the initiative has over 2K shares and counting. If you would like to donate, or simply want to help spread the word, check out Chris Young's page here:

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