Comic book junkies are probably already aware of this, but did you know that Gotham City, the place where Bruce Wayne lives, works, and protects as the Bat, is apparently, supposed to be somewhere in South Jersey?

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You'd never know this fact by watching the movies alone. They don't mention anything. However, there are more than one source within the world of DC Comics that place Gotham within the South Jersey region.

Apparently, in one comic, there's discussion of the Jersey Shore being only 20 miles away from Batman's Gotham City. Another one talks about how Batgirl and Robin drive from an NJ airfield. Well, we know there are plenty of those here in South Jersey. There's one in Millville, a few in Cape May County, and, of course, the Atlantic City Airport.

A book released in the 90s called The Atlas Of The DC Universe shows Gotham located in what could be the Great Egg Harbor Bay. In fact, a fan even did a rendering of what they believe it could look like. Check that out HERE.

In 1994, there was even one publishing that had a Gotham license plate registered to New Jersey. So, at the very least, we know for sure that Gotham is supposed to be SOMEWHERE in New Jersey. Based on all the evidence from over the years, it doesn't seem likely that it'd be in North Jersey, though.

Have you heard of any other possible places that fictional Gotham could be located?


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