If you'd consider yourself a comic book nerd, then you're, most likely, already aware of this, but there are two Batman comic books that place Gotham City smack dab in the middle of Brigantine and Beach Haven.

What does that mean? Well, for one, it means that Batman's from South Jersey. It also means that the Bat has probably had his fair share of Wawa over the years. Do you think he gets gas for the Bat Mobile there, too?

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While we can't confirm nor deny the gas question, we can speak on whether or not Batman has enjoyed himself the deliciousness that is a Wawa hoagie or breakfast sandwich. As most people who make frequent Wawa stops throughout the week know, a Wawa breakfast sandwich is more commonly referred to as a "Sizzli." My favorite Sizzli is the turkey sausage, egg, and cheese on a bagel.

Someone had the courage to pose the question of Batman's favorite breakfast order to Wawa in a video on Tiktok after they discovered that Gotham City was, most likely, located somewhere along the Jersey coastline. If that location for Gotham is accurate, that would mean that Bruce Wayne is extremely familiar with the most popular convenience store/gas station combo in the Delaware Valley.

So, what is Batman's breakfast order? Wawa did, in fact, comment under that Tiktok to confirm that the Bat frequently enjoys black coffee and a Sizzli. Unfortunately, they didn't specify which type of Sizzli the Batman normally gets, so it's safe to assume that he's one of those people that switches it up every day. Which is totally fine, because, after all, he is a superhero. He can do what he wants.


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