One of Gloucester County's high schools has announced it will move forward with 125 different socially distanced graduation ceremonies for the 2020 seniors.

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Deptford High School has made plans to hold live graduation ceremonies for their seniors after all. Deptford Township's school district website has reported that no one should expect the full level of celebration the school would normally host for its graduates, but that those in charge felt that proper social distancing mandates could be met with the limiting of each mini-ceremony to two students at a time.

The principal of Deptford High School, Jefferey Lebb, said in an address to the class of 2020 on the website that he feels this time is important in his students' lives and that both the students and their families deserve to celebrate the accomplishment.

The plan in further detail involves 15-minute ceremonies for two students each with only two family members or guests in attendance. Apparently, there will be four ceremonies per hour to make sure every senior gets his or her time.

Could this plan work for other high schools around the South Jersey region? In theory, sure. Each high school would have to take into account how many days it would take to get through every single student as some have more graduating seniors than others, but it's a plan that could definitely be adapted to work with other schools, certainly.

Obviously, it would require all the powers-at-be to get to work ASAP.

Could this mean a glimmer of hope for the high school seniors of Atlantic and Cape May counties?

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