The focus of the novel coronavirus has been on seniors and people with pre-existing conditions. However, the virus does not limit itself to affecting those groups of people. Many ignorant young people have been living their lives as if COVID-19 cannot affect them and are still going out when they should be staying home. Videos and photos of spring breakers have been all over the news and social media.

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Just because the mortality rate for young people is pretty low, does not mean this age group cannot get severely ill. A 22-year-old woman from California took to Twitter to explain the symptoms of the virus. She went through it day by day from day one to day ten.

She went on to explain that day one she experienced a dry cough, was extremely lethargic, and had a mild sore throat. By day two her head was pounding, coughing made the pressure in her head worse. She experienced chills and a fever. One of the symptoms that stood out to her was how bad her eyes hurt.

On day three as her symptoms worsened she went to the doctor who tested her for strep throat and the flu, which both came up negative.

By day four the shortness of breath set in. She explained it as feeling like she had bricks on her chest. She wanted to be tested for coronavirus, but couldn't.

She was told by her doctor to stay self-quarantined and that her results would be made available in 5-6 days.

By day 6 her energy levels started to slowly increase, but still experienced the same symptoms as day 5. Day 7 lessened the cough and the sore throat, however, she still experienced shortness of breath. By day 8 she said she was starting to feel like herself again and that she only had a mild cough.

Her cough returned on day 9, but had energy.

She said that she is unsure how she contracted the virus however she did go out the previous week/weekend.

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