You can expect to see efforts increased along the state's beaches this summer to prevent the spread of COVID-19. One New Jersey Assemblyman has a plan he thinks will keep residents and visitors out of harms way, if all goes accordingly. reports that Assemblyman Ronald Dancer would like to give people the option to either vaccinate or be tested for COVID-19 upon visiting the various shore towns in the summer of 2021. The hope in doing so would be to reboot tourism to the beaches, which is apparently the state's 6th largest industry. Implementing these measures would, in theory, keep both visitors and business owners and their employees safe from the virus with the expected influx of people to be flooding the towns come Memorial Day.

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Those of us that live along the coast and the surrounding towns full-time know just how much our economy took a hit as a direct result of a lack of tourism at the beaches. Dancer feels that this plan could be a solution that ultimately benefits everyone involved. For us residents, it's not even a hope anymore that life (and our economy) gets back to normal. It's, pretty much, a necessity at this point. We depend on summer visitors as our livelihood. If this proposal gets pushed through, it shouldn't face much opposition from those of us whose paychecks depend on people coming to our beaches for their summer vacations.

You can read even more about Assemblyman Ronald Dancer's vaccination and COVID testing plan HERE.



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