Travel and leisurely excursions for most people have come to a screeching halt as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown has resulted in many travel-based businesses including cruise lines losing a heck of a lot of money. They want to get back to work as soon as mandates will allow them to do so.

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Before anybody goes anywhere, cruise lines must conduct test cruises meant to implement all of the CDC's new regulations to ensure the ships themselves, the staff, as well as the vacationers can enjoy the experience without contracting the coronavirus. Royal Caribbean cruise line has dropped some hints that preparation for these test cruises may begin as early as December.

Obviously, if these test cruises are going to work, they need mock passengers. There will reportedly be a mix of employees as well as volunteer test vacationers to ensure that all protocols are implemented and running smoothly before the resumption of sales for future cruises can take place. The only definitive guideline that's been shared about the volunteer criteria is that all will be required to be legal adults. Therefore, nobody under the age of eighteen will be eligible to participate. Also, volunteers will need to provide proof from their doctors that they are in good health.

While it's unclear how many of these test voyages will need to be conducted, if you're not afraid of contracting the coronavirus, at least you may have a sweet little vacation to look forward to if you're eligible to volunteer as a test cruiser.

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